Armadillo Legal Limited


Complying with AML regulations manually can be a hugely cumbersome process, but here at Armadillo Legal we can assist with a number of electronic and RegTech solutions.

As both a RegTech and FinTech aggregator we have access to the most comprehensive corporate and personal data and documents in the World. Which includes 350 million companies: 270 million companies in 220 Countries online + 80 million companies not on databases; approximately 10 billion company documents available worldwide.

Perfect for Compliance, Know Your Customer (KYC), Due Diligence (DD), Anti Money Laundering (AML) & Credit Checking.

With technology like this available, there is no reason for any regulated business to not have the correct AML processes in place.

Electronic AML, KYC, Due Diligence and Client on-boarding platforms save time, money and are more reliable than manual checks ever can be. We give you the peace of mind that you are stopping money launderers in their tracks and are fully compliant and ready for any spot check that HMRC might throw at you.