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Legalisation Services

Legalisation is the process of authenticating a signature, seal, or an overseas Apostille appearing on a document. Once legalised the documents can be accepted in an official capacity in a jurisdiction that is not party to the Hague Convention.

Notarisation an attestation by a Notary Public that the signature appearing on a document is true and genuine.

Certification – certifying that the signature appearing on a document is true and genuine.

Apostille – A Government Official in the country of origin has to declare the signature of the Notary Public as true and genuine.

Legalisation – The embassy of the country where the document is to be presented can now declare and accept the signature, seal or stamp appearing on the document as genuine.

Certificates of Good Standing and Incumbency

A Certificate of Good Standing is used to show that the company has existed since its time of incorporation and that there is no action being taken to remove it from the companies register.

A Certificate of Incumbency is similar to a Certificate of Good Standing but can also contain information such as the Directors and Shareholders of the company.

Intellectual Property Protection & Brand and Trade Mark Management

Trade Mark registration is paramount for every business and we can help with applications all over the world as well as brand monitoring and defence.

Other Corporate Services include:

Translation Services

Legal Opinions

Corporate and Contract Law

Drafting of Corporate Documents

Commercial Contracts

Administration of Oaths